Saturday, May 5, 2007

identity crisis

i have changed my anonymous online name from asil to someone. maybe sum1? like a math equation, the sum of now + here = one, 1 or someone; sum1, or someone. it's more like someone maybe...ah ha. i will change my anonymous id to someone maybe. then my comments to other blogs will look like "someone maybe said..." that's excellent, no?

has anyone ever seen or been through one of these? if you care to share please do.

also soon to come, an interview with Scott Reeder!


timmazurek said...

i am proud to say i have survived two tornadoes. two! one even lifted me off of the ground. they are quite amazing. although my experiences have been mostly invigorating and inspiring, obviously they can be devastating. a tornado destroyed much of the town we lived near. (including my high school) my mom lives in "tornado alley". two weeks ago a tornado lifted a mini-van onto the top of the local nursing home. absurd.

someone maybe said...

Wow! thanks for sharing that Tim. the feeling of devastation vs. invigoration from an awesome weather event like a tornado must have something to do with your relative position physicaly in the storm, at least initially or during the chaos. did you feel like you were lucky to be able to have feelings of elation after it was over? it always strikes me how unpredictable the damage is from a tornado, flattening one house while leaving the one ten yards away untouched with daisies still blooming in the front yard. an entire town was just wiped off the map in Kansas this weekend, much like one of the ones you experienced.

Aveline said...

You write very well.